HPGL/Vector/Image PrinterOut ploConVer.10.01 Update
Oct. 29, 2017

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@Auto exucute parameter setup
@Printer setup
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PloCon is program which carries out continuation output of the drawing of HPGL/Vector/Image file to Windows printer, and there are the following functions. It does not display.
(1) Paper and output scale
  - Specify fixed form paper, and carry out automatic scaling so that
    paper size may be matched.
  - Specify fixed form paper and output with designation scale.
  - Select fixed form paper automatically with designation scale.
    It is automatic selection about fixed form paper and direction of
    the optimal printer matched with drawing size which applied scale to drawing
(2) Output from interactive output and other applications.
(3) Color and width change of line, whole drawing black and
    white / color change, background color change, pen ON/OFF
(4) Vector font / TrueType font change of character font
(5) Multi-page correspondence
(6) Support to many input file formats
    Notes: It is necessary to install free software "Teigha File Converter" at
           input DWG file.
(7) Output mode
Mode 1: Automatic output mode
It will output, if specified output folder is supervised and PDF/HPGL/Image file enters in output folder, and PDF/HPGL/Image file after output is deleted automatically. When there is no drawing file, it waits until file comes.

Mode 2 : Continuation output mode
Plural drawing files described in specified output list file are outputted continuously.

Mode 3 : Step output mode
One file in plural drawing files described in specified output list file is outputted, and it waits for the next output directions.

<AutoOut use example>
Printer setup is completed and it is in state immediately after PloCon installation (initialization).

PloCon is started and the "AutoOut" button is pushed.

HPGL file to output by Explorer is copied to "<PloConData>\InData" folder.

<PloConData> is as follows.
In the case of Windows XP:
  C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Isoplotec\PloCon
In the case of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10:

Then, when it waits about 2 minutes, it will be automatically outputted to printer. Whenever it copies file by Explorer, it outputs to printer. Copied file is automatically deleted after output.

<Example of parameter starting use>
Input file to output by Explorer is dragged to
     C:\Program Files\Isoplotec\PloCon\PloCon.exe
     C:\Program Files (x86)\Isoplotec\PloCon\PloCon.exe
Then, it is outputted to printer.

Input drawing file

PloCon can read HPGL, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, PDF, DXF, DWG, GERBER, NC-Drill, IGES,
SXF, EMF, Bitmap, PCX, TIFF, JPEG,FPX, PNG file.

Starting command parameter

PloCon starting command is as follows. [ ] is omissible.

C:\Program Files\PloConxx\PloCon.exe [/wpWP] [/osOS] [/rxRX] [/ryRY] [/suSU] [/sdSD] [/srSR] [/slSL] [/dcDC] [/apAP] [/ncNC] [/oaOA] [Input File Name]

If parameter is specified here, various items will be set up. As for omitted parameter, parameter when ending to last time is set.

 WP is output device, 1 is specified at the time of Windows printer 1, and
    2 is specified at the time of Windows printer 2.
 OS specifies positive real number with output scale.
    However, it will become automatic scale if it is turned 0.
 RX specifies positive real number by RiviseXScale.
 RY specifies positive real number by RiviseYScale.
 SU specifies zero or more integers by Upper PaperSpace (unit mm).
 SD specifies zero or more integers by Down PaperSpace (unit mm).
 SR specifies zero or more integers by Right PaperSpace (unit mm).
 SL specifies zero or more integers by Left PaperSpace (unit mm).
 DC In Arrangement draw center, DC specifies 1, and 0 is specified when that is
    not right.
 AP In AutoSelectPaper (A0/A1/A2/A3/A4, Portrait/Landscape), AP specifies 1, and
    0 is specified when that is not right.
 NC specifies one or more integers by Number of copies.
 OA shows OutAngle. In the case of 0 degree, 0 is specified, and, in the case of
    90 degrees, 1 is specified.
 Input File Name:
    When specifying, it specifies most as back.
    If specified, it will output and PloCon will be ended.
    If not specified, PloCon main dialog will be displayed and output will be
    possible in interactive operation.

Please do not start the next PloCon, before PloCon is completed.
Setup of pen
Usually, although outputed with color of pen and line width in drawing data, it is changeable with setup of pen.
Text font
Windows font and Vector font can be selected.
Auto exucute parameter setup
If SetAuto button is pushed, an automatic execution parameter can be set up.

  Printer setup  
  The SetPrinter button is pushed and printing conditions are set.
Output list file creation
If the CreateOutList button is pushed, output file at the time of continuation output and step output can be specified.
  Extension batch modification of file in folder  
  It is necessary to set up extension of file name by file attribute beforehand for every kind of file to read.
However, when file extension uses many extension which cannot be specified like consecutive numbers, and layer number of CAD, it becomes serious work to change extension manually beforehand.
In such a case, please use this program called FileTypeChgE recommended to below.

1. Program name : FileTypeChgE
2. Licensing    : fee No charge (free software)
3. Outline
Move extension of all file in folder to file name end, and apply the specified extension.

4. Usage
4.1. Interactive method
Double-click FileTypeChgE.exe in Explorer.
Set parameter shown below and push the Execute button.
a. Folder in which file exists :
   Set folder including file which changes extension.
b. The specified extension :
   All the files are changed into extension set here.
c. File name which saves processing result file list :
   Set file name of text file which puts in processed file name list.
   When this item is set un-typing, this file will not create.

4.2. Command line method
When the next command is typed in command prompt (DOS window) of Windows, it will execute immediately and will end. /a, /b, and /c parameter are omissible. An omission will use parameter used last time. And when all the parameters are omitted, it will start by interactive method.

FileTypeChg.exe /a "Folder in which file exists"
                /b "The specified extension"
                /c "File name which saves processing result file list"

This method is automatable by including in batch file.
For example, create batch file PloCon.bat the next contents were described to be.

"C:\FileTypeChgE\FileTypeChgE.exe" /a "C:\HpglData" /b "hgl" /c "C:\Temp\OutList.txt"
"C:\Program Files\Isoplotec\PloCon\PloCon.exe" /c "C:\Temp\OutList.txt"

When PloCon.bat is double-clicked by Explorer, extension of all the files in "C:\HpglData" folder will be changed into "hgl", and PloCon starts, and carry out consecutive output of all the files.

5. Download
 FileTypeChgE Ver.1.01 Software Download


Operation conditions

Personal computer of Intel compatible CPU mounting
- Memory: 1 GB or more
- Empty capacity of hard disk drive: 100 MB or more
- Screen resolution: 1024 dots x 768 dots Above
- OS:
  32Bit of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  64Bit of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
- It is necessary to install some printer drivers.
  Printer driver of high resolution is required to read PDF file.

Licensing fee

 When used 30 days or more from installation, please remit the next licensing fee.

 Licensing fee is                 70.00 US$ / license

Flow to trial, order, and use
1. Trial
Please download product from this HP. Since product is compressed into ZIP file, please extract it with suitable thawing software. There is a file called Readme.txt in the decompressed file, so read the product overview, installation method, uninstallation method, license agreement, licensing fee, license cancellation, protection release, inquiries, and version upgrade history. And since a file called Setup.exe is in extracted inside, it is installable if it double-clicks by Explorer. Opening to the public on HP serves both as trial and object for formal. All the function usage can be carried out free for 30 days from installation for trial. If 30 day will pass and password will not be entered, protection starts and product stops working. Please order the formal version, when you use more.

2. Order of formal version
It can pay with PayPal or credit card with the next button.

Please refer to Readme.txt file to carry out bank transfer.

Please send the next "order sheet" to e-mail address described at the last of this HP.

Order sheet
1. Soft name: PloCon (English)
2. Soft version no.: 10.0
3. Order quantity: 1
4. Company name:
5. Offer person name:
6. Offer person E-mail ID:
7. Charge payment day:
8. Charge payment amount:

3.Sending of password
The copyright holder will email the password when payment of the licensing fee has been confirmed.

4.Release of lock
In order to enter password, when starting PloCon.exe, it is necessary to carry out mouse right-click, to take out pop up menu, and to select "Run as administrator". Execute PloCon and push 'InfVersion' button and input the password.

5.OS exchange, or exchange of installation personal computer
Even if you replace exchange of OS, or installation personal computer, given password can release lock.
However, at the same time the number of units that can install the product on the PC is within the number you ordered.

6. Revision up (upgrading the decimal point of version number to 2nd place)
Revision up is free. Please download the revision software newer than HP and reinstall it. The previous password is valid.

- Customers can postpay by e-mail following procedures.
 @ Request for quotation                      : Customer     Our company
    (software name, version, number of orders)
 A Quotation                                  : Our company Customer
 B Purchase order (Form of Order sheet above) : Customer     Our company
 C Password and invoice                       : Our company Customer
 D Remittance                                 : Customer     Our company
    (within the following month's end of the delivery month)

Latest upgrade history

Ver.10.00 March 2, 2015
(1) It corresponded to input of DWG file.
Notes: It is necessary to install free software "Teigha File Converter."
Refer to Step7 of 2nd clause for the installation method.
(2) Support the 2nd level of JIS kanji by vector font.
Ver.10.00 March 31, 2015
(3) Font of vector font JIS level-2 kanji set was improved.

Ver.10.01 July 19, 2015
(1) It supported to input of SXF file (file extension is P21 and SFC).
(2) Add Multi-page file correspondence ("Separate into page and print", or "Print all the pages in piles") with the SetPrinter button.
Ver.10.01 July 25, 2015
(3) It repaired that vertical writing text had fault by SXF file input.
(4) Processing of DV (text route) command except right writing was repaired.
Ver.10.01 August 12, 2015
(5) Since it outputted and the file could not be deleted after output when drawing file was creating from other applications at the time of auto-output, there happened case where the same file was outputted repeatedly. It improved so that it might output, after waiting for other applications to complete creation of drawing file.
(6) Some of faults were repaired by SXF file input.
Ver.10.01 September 15, 2015
(7) It supported to Windows10.
Ver.10.01 November 17, 2015
(8) Abnormality display has been improved for arc of very small angle.
Ver.10.01 November 20, 2015
(9) It enabled it to set up judgment angle of very small arc or circle by "SetFileAttribute"-"Circle and arc judging angle".
Ver.10.01 April 7, 2016
(10) When PDF and EMF file were outputted by auto-output and it became error, problem by which the error is not displayed on error information window, and error is repeated endlessly was repaired.
Ver.10.01 July 25, 2016
(11) Defect of LA (line attribute) command in case line end and joint shape are except being round was repaired.
(12) "Initial of Line End Shape" of "Set-Line property" dialog was changed into "Shape of line end and joint".
Ver.10.01 September 15, 2016
(13) Depending on PDF creation application, PDF version information may not match notation and entity. When such a PDF file was read, it was not able to read (error code=10000).
It enabled it to read this.
Ver.10.01 December 16, 2016
(14) When output drawing size was larger than paper size, drawing position of the right left upper and lower sides was abnormal. This was repaired.
Ver.10.01 December 20, 2016
(15) When output drawing size was larger than paper size and paper margin was larger than 0, it repaired having been printed without reflecting paper margin.
Ver.10.01 January 3, 2017
(16) PayPal fee about licensing fee remittance which user had paid was eliminated.
Ver.10.01 January 9, 2017
(17) When evaluation period goes out, or when uninstalling, function which fills in evaluation result and carries out e mail transmission was added.
Ver.10.01 January 11, 2017
(18) An output of image files, such as TIFF file, repaired having become error.
Ver.10.01 May 10, 2017
(19) It was ignored when there existed Bitmap which black and white reversed in PDF and EMF input, and it repaired becoming whole surface black.
Ver.10.01 August 30, 2017
(20) When file attribute button was pushed, it could be made to perform PDF file reading scale setup.
Ver.10.01 September 27, 2017
(21) Display of FT command of HPGL was improved.
Ver.10.01 October 29, 2017
(22) When figure existed on boundary of drawing area, half of line width was cut. Then, it improved so that width and height of drawing area might be enlarged 1 mm and might be outputted.

  PloCon Ver.10.0 Software download

   Note :
      The downloaded file is compressed into the ZIP type.
      Please extraction with extraction software.
      This HP is always put up only the latest version.
      Acquisition of an old version becomes impossible.
      Please copy the downloaded file to a data medium for re-installation.

PloCon Ver.10.0 Catalog(PDF) download

   Note :
      This file is a file of PDF form.
      PDF viewers, such as Acrobat Reader of Adobe, are required to see.

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